Ronson: The Story Behind the Iconic Lighter Brand

From Pioneers to Icon: The Astonishing History of a Legendary Lighter Brand

In the world of lighters there is one name synonymous with innovation, style and indestructible quality: Ronson. For more than 115 years, this iconic brand has illuminated our moments and lit up our paths with its unique designs and tireless flame.

The Flame of Innovation:

Louis Vincent Aronson

Ronson's history begins in 1897, when Louis V. Aronson patented the revolutionary Liter (lighter) in Newark, New Jersey. This invention marks the birth of Ronson and ushers in a new era of lighters that were not only reliable, but also elegant and easy to use.

A Decade of Triumphs:

The 20th century was a golden age for Ronson. The brand launched groundbreaking products such as the 'Wonderflame' in 1929, the first lighter with a windshield, and the 'Banjo' in 1931, the first pocket lighter. Ronson lighters quickly became beloved by soldiers during World War II, gaining a reputation for indestructibility and reliability.

Style Icons and Cultural Phenomena:

After the war, Ronson continued to innovate, launching iconic models that remain sought-after collectibles to this day. The 1957 Varaflame, with its sleek design and precision mechanism, became a symbol of refinement. The Zippo-like 'Windmill' from 1956, with its unique side-opening hood, became a favorite with jazz musicians and beatniks.

A Legacy That Lives On:

Today, Ronson continues its tradition of innovation and style. The brand offers a wide range of lighters, from classic designs to modern technologies, all meeting the high standards that Ronson has maintained for over a century.

Ronson: More than a Lighter:

A Ronson lighter is more than a simple accessory. It is a piece of history, a symbol of quality and a faithful companion for unforgettable moments. Whether you are a vintage collector or looking for a modern lighter with a touch of history, Ronson has the perfect match for you.

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